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MPs must challenge 'big discrepancy' in energy market

There is a "big discrepancy" between the increase in wholesale energy costs as tracked by Ofgem and rises in energy bills, according to the director of consumer policy at uSwitch.

Ann Robinson also had some advice for customers who have recently switched to a company that has just increased its prices.


Energy bill hikes unaffordable, consumer site warns

We welcome any clarity on the impact of future investment on household energy bills - it' s important that consumers are made aware so they can take action to prepare for higher bills in the future and find information and support on how to limit the impact on their household.

However, the fact remains that any additional cost on top of the hikes already seen will be unaffordable for many consumers. The average household energy bill today is already £1,334 a year and this is hurting people.

– Ann Robinson, Director of Consumer Policy at