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Police officer 'who killed family' had marriage problems

A US police officer who is believed to have killed his wife, mother-in-law and two children before turning the gun on himself was experiencing marriage problems in the months leading up to the shooting, his boss said.

There were no red flags - everything about him was outstanding. We're a small department, our families are one big family so we knew his entire family as well. It's just a tremendous shock.

I was aware that there had been a recent period of separation, but I am not aware of any violence in the past or anything like that.

His wife Kelly was a friend of mine and a friend of my wife so anything major that would have happened I probably would have known about.

I know as a family they went to Disneyland over the Christmas holidays.

– Chief Cody Cullimore, of Lindon City Police speaking to The Salt Lake Tribune

Officials said they did not find a suicide note at the crime scene.


Two Britons among family killed in Utah shooting

Two women believed to be from Britain were among five members of the same family who have been found shot dead in Utah, America.

Kelly Boren (right) was among those killed in the shooting. Credit: ITV Central

Police officer Joshua Boren, is believed to have killed his wife Kelly and her mother Marie King - who both apparently used to live in Northampton.

Mr Boren reportedly killed his wife, mother-in-law and two young children at the family home in Utah before turning the gun on himself.

Two dead after giant boulder rolls through house in US

Two people are dead after a giant boulder rolled straight through a house in the US state of Utah last night.

Police search the property in Rockville, Utah for survivors Credit: Reuters

The rock slide happened just before 5pm local time in the town of Rockville and left the property littered with large boulders.

Utah Police Chief Kurt Wright said officers "conducted a search of the house ... to see if possibly someone was still alive or still buried and we found nothing."

A large boulder sits on top of the a building Credit: Reuters

Wright said the slide was caused by the constant freezing and thawing of the rocks due to the low temperatures and excessive snow the region has seen this season.


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