Crash pilot worked on major films

The pilot of the helicopter which crashed had thousands of hours of flying experience including for films such as Die Another Day.

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Vauxhall boss: 'Good times are back' in car sales boom

The boss of Vauxhall has welcomed a boom in new car sales in the UK and has said it showed "the good times are back".

With figures for March at their highest for 10 years, Vauxhall's Tim Tozer said it shows greater confidence in the economy.

But he insisted that there will not be be a return to boom and bust.

ITV Business Editor Joel Hills looks at the reasons behind the sales surge:

Read: Vauxhall UK boss: 'Good times are back' for the car industry

New car sales at their highest level for a decade

New data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers show new car sales in March were at their highest level since 2004.

  • 464,824 cars were registered in March, a 17.7% year-on-year rise
  • Sales in the first three months of the year up 13.7% compared to 2013
  • Second-highest monthly figure since the introduction of twice-yearly registrations in 1999

Vauxhall UK boss: 'Good times are back' for the car industry


Vauxhall boss: 'The good times are back' for car industry

The new head of car company Vauxhall has told ITV News Business Editor Joel Hills that "the good times are back" following an upturn in car sales.


"This is not a return to boom and bust". The new Chairman and MD of Vauxhall UK in his first interview. Watch @itvnews at 18:30.


New boss of Vauxhall UK tells @itvnews that surge in car sales due, in part, to surge in house prices but everything "under control".


Tim Tozer tells me "the good times are back". Car sales are "sustainable" and Vauxhall set to increase production at Luton and Ellesmere.


Pilot Pete Barnes speaking to ITV News in 2002

The pilot of the helicopter which crashed in central London had thousands of hours of flying experience including for films such as Die Another Day and Saving Private Ryan.

Pete Barnes, who died when the helicopter he was flying hit a crane on a high building and crashed onto a street in Vauxhall, had amassed around 9,000 hours of flying time, including 3,500 hours on the type of craft he was piloting today.


CBI: 'Britain's auto industry is a real success story'

Katja Hall, CBI Chief Policy Director, said:

“This significant investment at Ellesmere Port helps to confirm the UK’s place in the fast lane of European car manufacturing. GM’s investment will secure existing jobs and create hundreds of new ones, directly and in the supply chain.

“Britain’s automotive industry is now a real success story – for the first time in decades our balance of trade in cars is positive, and major investments like this are a vote of confidence in the UK.”

Vauxhall workers can now plan for the future

by - Europe Correspondent
For the last few months, workers at Vauxhall's Ellesmere Port plant feared it would be shut down for good. Credit: Vauxhall

These are members of staff who've lived for months with the fear that this entire plant was going to close down and they've only just found out in the last couple of days that they do have a future.

They know they make really good cars here and they say they believe in what they do - and they were facing the chance of being shut down as a result of closures across General Motors' plans. And now they know that they can go forward.

I spoke to a worker who says he can now start to plan for himself and for his children because he knows he will be in employment for a number of years to come.

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