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Mother sent away from hospital before train birth

It emerged that Miss Banks had earlier been seen at Tunbridge Wells Hospital but was sent away as she was not in labour and contractions had not started.

Ms Banks was appropriately assessed at Tunbridge Wells Hospital, was not in labour and no contractions had started.

As is standard practice, she was told to return home and re-attend the hospital once labour had begun. We would always encourage women to return to their home and not to travel further afield than is strictly necessary.

The trust is pleased that a member of its staff, who was in the vicinity at the time, safely delivered baby Phoebe and we would like to pass on our congratulations to the couple.

– Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust spokesperson

Train baby witness: 'I heard a lady shout out - it's a girl!'

Commuter Neil Perkins, 22, a recruitment consultant from Maidstone, was sitting close to Miss Banks before she went into labour. He said his "jaw dropped" when he realised she had given birth.

He said:

We got to West Malling and the train stopped. The driver asked for anyone who was a doctor or nurse to make themselves known, and I thought someone had been taken ill.

I jumped off the train and I saw everyone running to the carriage behind us. I called my mate to see if he could pick me up and then the lady started screaming. They were big screams.

I was a bit worried for her, but the driver ran up and said not to worry, someone had just gone into labour.

The lady was screaming quite loudly, and me and a South African lady were saying that the ambulance needs to hurry up.

Then, minutes later, I heard a lady shout out 'It's a girl!' I was just in shock.

As I walked down I could see the mum wrapping the baby in a jumper or something and giving it a cuddle.

It was madness, then the ambulance turned up. It was a really exciting moment. I have never witnessed anything like it.

I hope the girl gets free train tickets for life.


'Proud uncle' tweets baby Phoebe is 'well and safe'

A man claiming to be the uncle of baby Phoebe, who was born on a commuter train from London Victoria to Kent yesterday evening, has tweeted to say his niece is "well and safe."

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