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Russia's President Vladimir Putin: Syria ceasefire agreed

Vladimir Putin Credit: PA

Russia's President Vladimir Putin has said a ceasefire in Syria has been agreed between government and rebel forces, with Russia and Turkey acting as guarantors.

Speaking at a meeting with Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, President Putin said that three documents which open the way for solving the Syria crisis were signed earlier on Thursday.

The documents signed are a ceasefire agreement between the Syrian government and the opposition, measures to monitor the ceasefire deal and a statement on the readiness to start peace talks to settle the Syrian crisis, he added.

In a statement carried by state news agency SANA on Thursday, the Syrian military command said it "declares a comprehensive nationwide cessation of hostilities as of midnight".

President Putin said that a number of documents had been signed by both sides and the nationwide end to fighting will begin from Friday.

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said the truce will include 62,000 fighters across the country.

Russia is a key ally of Assad, while Turkey backs the opposition.



Putin: Russia wants to restore 'full relations' with US

President Putin

President Putin has congratulated Donald Trump on his election victory.

Mr Putin said he wants restoration of "full relations" with the US and Russia is "ready to do its part".

Mr Putin said he had followed the campaign closely and said it is in the interests of both countries to restore relations.

Vladimir Putin: 'US prefers diktat to dialogue'

Vladimir Putin said he worries about a breakdown of relations with the US Credit: Reuters

Vladimir Putin believes it is hard to hold dialogue with the US because President Obama's administration prefers diktat.

Speaking at an economic forum, the Russian leader said his nation was worried about worsening relations with the US.

Putin said that the US had financed Ukraine's radical opposition and assisted a coup d'etat in the country, contributing to the deteriorating relations.

Russia was then forced to protect ethnic Russians living in Ukraine, Putin said.

"There is a need to behave like partners and take each other's interests into account," Putin said, referring to US-Russian ties. "We are ready for that".

Giant banner of Vladimir Putin hung from New York bridge

The banner showed Putin with the word 'Peacemaker'. Credit: EBU

New York City police are investigating after a giant banner featuring a picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin was hung from the Manhattan Bridge on Thursday.

The banner showed a picture of President Putin in front of a Russian flag with the word "Peacemaker".

Police were called at 2.45pm on Thursday and removed it around 30 minutes later.

Officers are studying CCTV footage of the bridge and nearby areas but are yet to arrest anyone.

Police removed the banner after around 30 minutes. Credit: Reuters
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