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Massachusetts bans 'upskirt' photos

The governor of Massachusetts moved to update the state's voyeurism laws yesterday.

The move came just two days after the state's highest court ruled that a man who took mobile phone photos up the skirts of female subway passengers in Boston was not violating the law as written.

The new law, which takes effect immediately, bans so-called "upskirting" by making it illegal to photograph or videotape the "sexual or other intimate parts" of women or children in public. The law also applies to male victims.

Voyeur admits police changing room spy camera

An electrical contractor has pleaded guilty after installing a camera in a female changing room at a police station.

Christopher Richardson-Blake, 32, fitted the camera after being tasked to carry out electrical work at Abingdon police station in Oxfordshire last September.

Thames Valley police said he pleaded guilty at Oxford Magistrates Court today to one count of voyeurism and one count of theft, in relation to a stolen laptop found at his property.

"This was a particularly brazen offence in whichChristopher Richardson-Blake installed a camera in a female changing room." Superintendent Andy Boyd of Thames Valley Police said:

"Thisdemonstrated a complete lack of respect and a deliberate intrusion into theirprivacy."

"We arepleased Richardson-Blake took the decision to plead guilty today in the face ofoverwhelming evidence and so the victims of this offence are at least spared atrial."

Richardson-Blake will be sentenced on April 3.