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Panicked 911 calls released after Washington mudslides

Details have emerged of the panicked 911 calls made by residents in Snohomish County during the first few moments of the landslide.

One could be heard shouting: "I have a big emergency! Its a house, there has been a big landslide!"

Another says: "Hundreds of trees have fallen outside my house."

Dramatic moment boy, 4, was rescued from mudslide

A video showing the dramatic moment a four-year-old boy was rescued from the devastating mudslide in Washington state, which has killed at least 16 people, has been posted online.

The clip shows a helicopter hovering inches above the ground while a volunteer steps off the aircraft to rescue the stranded youngster.

The first rescue team to respond to the mudslide on Saturday 22 March were onboard the Snohomish County helicopter.

The team rescued eight people in the aftermath of the mudslide, including the four-year-old boy.


Obama offers thoughts and prayers to mudslide victims

President Obama has asked Americans to send their thoughts and prayers to Washington state, as search operations continue following a mudslide.

Obama reiterates the 'tough situation' in Seattle. Credit: Utrecht Robin/ABACA/Press Association Images

Mr Obama has also declared a state emergency, ordering aid for the community and national agencies to co-ordinate relief efforts.

"We hope for the best, but we recognise this is a tough situation," he added.


Death toll set to increase above 14 after US mudslide

The death toll from the US mudslide near Seattle is expected to increase, as crews continue to search through the debris-laden field both on the ground and in the air.

Local residents and reporters listen in at a mudslide media briefing in Arlington. Credit: REUTERS/Rick Wilking

Fourteen people have been confirmed dead after the disaster in Washington state, but over 170 remain unaccounted for.

Authorities are working from a list of 176 potentially missing people, although many of those names are likely to be duplicates, with a list being generated by officials that will be available later.

Death toll expected to rise beyond 14 in US mudslide

Families await news of those lost in Seattle mudslides

Families and friends of those missing in the Snohomish County mudslides continue to wait for news. Over 170 people are still unaccounted for.

Barbara Welsh, a mudslide victim whose husband is still missing, continues to wait for any news at the local police station.

Sisters Helen and Irene located their chocolate lab, Buddy, who as stuck in the rubble, but still alive. Buddy is now home, save for a few cuts and bruises.

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