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Britain set for sunshine once cloud clears

Heavy, blustery showers are going to affect northeastern parts of Scotland this morning, but will become confined to the far northeast this afternoon.

There will be highs of 21C in the south. Credit: Met Office

The rest of Scotland is set to be rather cloudy with some bright spells.

Other parts of the UK should see a good amount of sunshine once the cloud in the south clears.

Most places will stay dry, although the odd showery outbreak cannot be ruled out, most likely over Northern Ireland and perhaps East Anglia.


Showers in Midlands and Scotland while dry in South

The rain across central areas will become more showery as it edges southeastwards.

There will be highs of 22C in the south-east. Credit: Met Office

Most of the South should stay dry with warm with sunny spells developing, although it is likely to stay rather cloudy in the east.

It will be cooler in the north with sunny spells and some scattered showers for Scotland.

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