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Weather: Sunny spells and showers across the UK

Sunny spells and showers are expected across the UK,. Credit: Met Office

Sunny spells and showers are expected across the UK today, with rain most frequent in the north and east - where there will also be more cloud.

Southwestern areas are set to remain largely dry.

It will feel chilly in the north, while temperatures of 21 Celsius (70F) are likely in the southeast.

  1. Lucy Verasamy

Weather: Cold with brighter skies

Temperatures are still struggling.

It will be chilly for the time of year again tonight - and another cool feel for most of us again tomorrow. But at least there'll be brighter skies and sunny spells.

Any showers will tend to be few and far between.

Like most of the near continent temperatures will remain on the low side for mid August. We'll need to wait until the tail end of next week before things slowly start to warm up again.


Unseasonably breezy with a few showers

It stays unseasonably breezy for the time of year as we head through the rest of the week. A few showers around initially but drying up come the end of the week and through to the start of the weekend at least. It is a deep area of low pressure anchored to the north east which is keeping it unseasonably blowy for the time of year.

Dry and bright for many with temperatures topping 26C

Today will be dry and bright for many parts, with the best of the sunshine in the south-west and western parts of Wales.

Credit: Met Office

Scattered showers will develop through Northern Ireland and Scotland through the morning, turning heavy at times this afternoon.

Away from here there is a chance of a few isolated showers in the far south-east later as well.

It will feel a touch fresher with less humid conditions for many with a top temperature 26C.

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