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A fine and dry end to the week

by - ITV Weather Presenter

For a majority a fine, dry end to the week with spells of sunshine tomorrow. Annoyingly, cloud will still be thick in places to ruin the chance of blue skies poking through.

The extreme north-west of Scotland will become windy and wet much later in the day.

Temperatures stay around where they should be for early April - and it's a similar set up into the weekend with of 16C or 17C.

Cloudy skies to restrict sunshine in places

by - ITV Weather Presenter

Overnight cloud will keep it grey across parts of southern Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland. Patchy rain will hit areas of Cumbria and Northumberland later.

It'll be disappointingly cloudy across some of the West Country and Wales.

Clear skies for the rest of this afternoon with bright or sunny spells, before the cloud builds up.


Cooler in the breeze

by - ITV Weather Presenter

Western Scotland will be dull and damp tomorrow. A better day for the rest of us with just a few showers dotted about.

It'll be bright rather this sunny with temperatures a notch up on today - but I'll still feel cool in the brisk breeze.

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