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Pilot whales refloat themselves after beaching in NZ

About 200 whales, which were part of a larger group that beached in New Zealand over the past few days, have managed to refloat themselves and swim back out to sea.

Several pods of pilot whales totaling more than 650 have run aground at the Farewell Spit at the tip of the South Island since Friday.

At least half of that group have died despite the hard work of hundreds of volunteers.



Wildlife experts herd pod of whales into deeper water

A pod of pilot whales spotted off the Essex coast are being herded out to open water in an effort to stop them becoming beached.

Wildlife experts, the British Divers Marine Life Rescue and Essex Police's marine unit are trying to coax the 40-strong group further out to sea so they avoid becoming stranded on mud flats near the shore.

The whales were spotted sheltering near the Blackwater Estuary, a shallow stretch of water dotted with several shoals and mud flats that could prove deadly to the whales if they become trapped at low tide.

Killer whales trapped under sea ice have swum free

Dozens of killer whales that had become trapped under sea ice in Canada have now been freed. Credit: EBU

However, residents who feared they would get stuck elsewhere hired a plane to track them down.

The whales' predicament in the frigid waters of Hudson Bay made international headlines, and locals had been planning a rescue operation with chainsaws and drills before the mammals slipped away.

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