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William Hague: We're not sending UK soldiers to Iraq

William Hague has told ITV News that under the current circumstances, the Government is "not planning, contemplating, or having meetings about Britain taking military action in Iraq."

He said that moves are being made to try to persuade Iraqi leaders to work together, provide aid and expertise, but "none of that means British soldiers going to Iraq".


Hague: Iraq faces severe challenges to its existence

Foreign Secretary William Hague has told ITV News Political Editor Tom Bradby that Iraq faces a "severe challenge to its existence as a state".

Hague: 'No softening' of British approach to Iran

The UK Foreign Secretary William Hague rejected a claim the government was "softening" its approach to Iran.

Speaking in the parliament, Mr Hague described the UK as "absolutely relentless" in its efforts to defeat terrorism around the world and added: "I can assure you that there is no softening of any of our policies in relation to Iran.

Foreign Office still advises against travel to Iran

William Hague might have announced the reopening of the British embassy in Tehran today, but the Foreign Office is still advising people against traveling to the Middle Eastern country.

The Foreign Office advises against travelling to Iran. Credit: FCO

The Foreign Office currently advises "against all but essential travel" to most of the country, and "against all travel" to the eastern parts of Iran near the borders with Afghanistan and Pakistan.

People planning to travel to Iran should check the Foreign Office travel advice regularly and sign up for email alerts on the security situation, the spokesperson said.


Staff need to be 'safe and secure' before reopening Iran embassy

The Secretary of State William Hague has issued a statement on the possible reopening of the British embassy in the Iranian capital, Tehran:

Our two primary concerns when considering whether to reopen our embassy in Tehran have been assurance that our staff would be safe and secure, and confidence that they would be able to carry out their functions without hindrance.

There are a range of practical issues that we will need to resolve first.

However it is our intention to reopen the Embassy in Tehran with a small initial presence as soon as these practical arrangements have been made.

– William Hague

Hague plans to reopen British embassy in Tehran

William Hague has announced that Britain wants to reopen the British embassy in Iran as the West looks to normalise relations to help ease the crisis in neighbouring Iraq.

The Foreign Secretary told MPs that "circumstances are right" to re-open the British embassy in Tehran.

Protesters break down the British emblem from the Tehran embassy in 2011. Credit: Parspix/ABACA/PA

Mr Hague said he had discussed a number of matters in a meeting yesterday, including the situation in Iraq, with Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif.

The UK has had no diplomatic presence in Tehran since a mob ransacked the British embassy in 2011.

Hague: Mosul's civilian population must be protected

Foreign Secretary William Hague has told ITV News the people of Iraq's second city of Mosul must be protected.

ITV News' News Editor Jonathan Wald reports:

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