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'Base jumping' lions invent new form of entertainment

Adult lionesses at a safari park in Wiltshire have surprised their keepers with a new form of entertainment.

They have been taking turns to climb and then leap from a tall oak tree in what appears to be a rudimentary form of base jumping.

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A lioness leaps from a tree in the park Credit: Longleat Safari Park

Reconstructed face of Neolithic man at Stonehenge

The exhibition will be the first to explain Stonehenge to visitors, with 250 prehistoric objects - many unseen before - on loan from various collections.

One highlight is the most advanced forensic reconstruction of an early Neolithic man's face, based on a 5,500-year-old skeleton buried in a long barrow 1.5 miles from Stonehenge.

A Neolithic skeleton and reconstructed head on display at the new visitor centre. Credit: Chris Ison/PA Wire

Two rare 14th century manuscripts, including some of the earliest drawings of the monument, Roman coins and jewellery are also on display

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