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Pictured: Five receive suspended sentence after care home abuse

Danny Brake, 27, was ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work Credit: Police Handout
Jason Gardiner, 43, admitted two charges of ill-treatment Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Archive
Michael Ezenagu, 29, had his six-month jail term suspended for two years. Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire
Charlotte Cotterell, 22, was ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work and complete 12 months supervision. Credit: Police Handout
Neil Ferguson, 28, had his six-month jail term suspended for two years Credit: Police handout

CPS statement on Winterbourne abuse sentencing

Every member of society has the right to live free from intimidation and fear, but the offending that took place at Winterbourne View undermined that right in an appalling and systematically brutal way.

People who should have been able to trust their carers had that trust cruelly and repeatedly abused.

The CPS treated these offences as disability hate crimes, crimes based on ignorance, prejudice and hate.

We brought this aggravating factor to the attention of the court and it was reflected in the sentencing today.

Today’s sentences send a clear message to those who believe there will be no consequences for their abuse of disabled people.

– Ann Reddrop, Head of the CPS South West Complex Casework Unit


DoH: Winterbourne exposed 'major flaws in the system'

This terrible case has revealed the criminal and inhuman acts some so-called care workers are capable of.

It has also shone a light on major flaws in the system which we will address. We will publish our final recommendations very soon.

All the organisations involved have looked hard at their role to learn lessons and improvements have already been made, but we must remain vigilant and continue to guard against abuse.

I want this case to reinforce to everyone, from frontline workers, to regulators, managers and board members, that they have a shared responsibility in preventing abuse of the vulnerable.

– Care and Support minister Norman Lamb

Pictured: Six jailed Winterbourne View care workers

Six members of staff caught abusing vulnerable residents at a Winterbourne View private hospital by an undercover journalist have been jailed today.

They received sentenced varying from 6 months to two years.

Wayne Rogers, 32, was jailed for two years. Credit: Press Association
Alison Dove, 25, was jailed for 20 months Credit: Press Association
Graham Doyle, 26, was jailed for 20 months Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Archive/
Holly Draper, 24, was jailed for 12 months Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Archive
Sookalingum Appoo, 59, was jailed for six months Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Archive/
Kelvin Fore, 33, was jailed for six months Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire

Judge: Winterbourne 'cruelty bred cruelty'

It is common ground in this case that the hospital was run with a view to profit and with a scandalous lack of regard to the interests of its residents and staff,"

Many of the residents were extremely difficult to manage and in the absence of highly skilled carers were subjected to a miserable existence in which they were inappropriately restrained and punished.

A culture of ill-treatment developed and as is often the case, cruelty bred cruelty. This culture corrupted and debased, to varying degrees, these defendants, all of whom are of previous good character.

Complaints by residents were swept under the carpet and the concerns of family members ignored.

– Judge Neil Ford QC


Winterbourne families: 'Our children may never recover from abuse'

Families of some of the Winterbourne View Home abuse victims have spoken outside Bristol Crown Court.

They have paid tribute to the police and the BBC for exposing the abuse:

The police have shown their willingness to adapt and learn.

However we are all aware that without the showing of the Panorama undercover filming we would not be standing here.

In the 21st century places like Winterbourne view should not exist, they should be closed and local homes opened.

Our children have suffered greatly and it will take a long time for their mental and physical health to recover - some of them may never fully recover.

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