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Stampede after 99p store holds half price sale

Police attended after a stampede broke out when a 99p store had a half price sale.

Hundreds of shoppers descended on the 99p Stores outlet after signs went up in the window advertising everything for just 50p.

Within a few hours some shelves were stripped bare and managers were forced to call the police, who dispatched four officers to contain the crowd.

One shopper described the situation as "bedlam" and said fellow shoppers were acting like "vultures".

The stampede began on Monday morning when the High Street store in Wrexham, North Wales, erected fluorescent posters in the window.

Police were called and the store was temporarily closed. Credit: SWNS

Word quickly spread around the town and a growing crowd formed outside the premises as there was no more room inside.

However some customers were left angered when the sale ended, claiming they were not told it was a limited offer.

One furious customer said: "The sign did not say anything about a time limit, and we were queuing to pay when we were told things had gone back to 99p. It is not on."

Donna Roberts said: "I stood in the queue for 20 minutes, only to be told they had put the prices back up without telling the customers."