Members of Yemen's armed forces attend to the wounded

Yemen suicide bomber kills 90

A suicide bomber in army uniform killed more than 90 soldiers in Yemen during a the rehearsal for a military parade.

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Yemen defence ministry attack kills 52 doctors

An attack on Yemen's ministry of defence has killing 52 doctors and nurses, authorities have said.

A relative of Yemeni president Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi was also among those killed in Thursday's attack.

Smoke rises from the Defence Ministry's compound after an attack. Credit: Reuters

A suicide bomber and gunmen wearing army uniforms targeted the ministry compound in the capital Sanaa in the worst single attack in the country for 18 months.

Yemen's Higher Security Committee said some of those killed were Germans, but it did not give any further details on the number of officers and gunmen dead.

Yemeni and US officials deny embassy attack report

Yemeni and US officials have denied reports that the US embassy in Yemen has been attacked, after reports that a loud blast and gunfire was heard near the facility.

Two Yemeni security officials had earlier contacted the Associated Press to report a large explosion and heavy gunfire near the embassy in the capital Sanaa.

A general view of the U.S. embassy compound in Sanaa. Credit: Reuters

Mohammed al-Mawri, an official at the Yemeni Interior Minister's office, said the explosion was fireworks from a wedding procession and that police had since detained the individuals who lit them.

The US state department said it had no indication that reports of an explosion and sounds of gunfire near the embassy were accurate.


US and Yemen 'silent' on drone strikes

The six targeted killings in Yemen that Human Rights Watch says the US carried out Credit: Human Rights Watch

The US government only acknowledges its role in targeted killings in general terms, refusing to take responsibility for individual strikes or provide casualty figures, including civilian deaths, Human Rights Watch said in their report on drone attacks in Yemen

The Yemeni authorities have been almost as silent, the rights organisation said. Both governments have declined to comment on the six strikes that Human Rights Watch investigated.

Map details Pakistan drone attacks

The use of unmanned aircraft is a controversial human rights issue. Credit: Amnesty International

An interactive map published by Amnesty International details recent drone attacks the human rights organisation says the US carried out in northwest Pakistan.

Amnesty International found evidence that a number of civilians, including an elderly woman and a group of young labourers, were killed in drone strikes in North Waziristan between January 2012 and August this year.

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