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Yvette Cooper critical of Labour's election performance

Labour MP Yvette Cooper has said Labour are "hanging on" in some parts of the UK following last Thursday's election, and it's "not enough".

Despite Sadiq Khan winning the London Mayoral election, Labour lost 18 councils in England, 13 in Scotland and one in Wales - a result that has led to criticism of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.

Reacting to shadow chancellor John McDonnell's comments that Jeremy Corbyn's critics should "get behind us and stop carping", Cooper said the party should be "honest" about Labour's position, and "how far" they have to go.


Yvette Cooper: Immigration under Labour was 'too fast'

Labour's Yvette Cooper admitted that while her party were in government the pace of immigration to the UK was "too fast".

She told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show that Labour should have implemented "transitional controls" on Europe and that there is "concern about immigration across the country".

But she said that reform on immigration was only possible if Britain remained in the EU.

If we want to change the rules then you actually have to be in [the EU] in order to argue for that and to argue for reform. You can't get reform if you just stay on the outside.

– Yvette Cooper MP

The former Shadow Home Secretary appeared to contradict Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who said that he did not think too many migrants had entered the UK when he announced his support for the Remain campaign in the EU referendum.


Kendall and Cooper deny Mandelson leadership plot

Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall have denied reports that Lord Mandelson tried to persuade the three mainstream Labour leadership candidates to quit the leadership contest and force the party to stop the election.

Mandelson tried to persuade candidates to quit en-masse to stop election Credit: Reuters

The move by the former politician and 1997 election campaign leader highlights maneuvers within the party to stop Mr Corbyn winning the election.

Ms Cooper said she had not been approached directly by the Labour peer, she was unaware if her campaign team had been contacted.

I’ve not discussed this with Peter Mandelson.

I gather there was some view that maybe the whole process should be stopped because so many people were joining at the last minute. I don’t think that’s right.

I think it’s a good thing that people are joining the party.

– Yvette Cooper, speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme

Ms Kendall insisted that neither she nor her office had spoken to him.

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