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Kendall and Cooper deny Mandelson leadership plot

Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall have denied reports that Lord Mandelson tried to persuade the three mainstream Labour leadership candidates to quit the leadership contest and force the party to stop the election.

Mandelson tried to persuade candidates to quit en-masse to stop election Credit: Reuters

The move by the former politician and 1997 election campaign leader highlights maneuvers within the party to stop Mr Corbyn winning the election.

Ms Cooper said she had not been approached directly by the Labour peer, she was unaware if her campaign team had been contacted.

I’ve not discussed this with Peter Mandelson.

I gather there was some view that maybe the whole process should be stopped because so many people were joining at the last minute. I don’t think that’s right.

I think it’s a good thing that people are joining the party.

– Yvette Cooper, speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme

Ms Kendall insisted that neither she nor her office had spoken to him.


Yvette Cooper: Strike reform is 'ideologically driven'

Yvette Cooper Credit: PA / PA Wire

Yvette Cooper, one of Labour's leadership candidates, said that the government's plans for trade unions are an "ideologically driven attack on Britain's trade unions" which "puts narrow Tory party interests ahead of what is right for the country".

"It not only undermines years of progress on workers' rights, but it also breaks the growing consensus on the need to reform funding of political parties.

"This is another example of the Tories employing cheap divide-and-rule tactics."

Yvette Cooper: 'Campaign needs to be about the future'

Speaking ahead of her nomination for the race to become Labour leader, Yvette Cooper made her case in a speech in central London.

Yvette Cooper speaks in London Credit: Jonathan Brady / PA Wire

She said the leadership contest "needs to be about the future of the country not just the past of our party if we are to win again".

"We have a long, hard road to support Scottish Labour rebuilding trust in Scotland. A task to win back the trust of Labour voters who switched to Ukip, angry with us and at the world."

She added: "We won't deliver a Labour government by swallowing the Tory manifesto, Tory plans or Tory myths. In the end the Tories don't have the right values or the right answers for our country.

Cooper warns against 'swallowing Tory manifesto'

Labour leadership candidate Yvette Cooper has accused her party colleagues of "swallowing the Tory manifesto" since the party's general election defeat.

Yvette Cooper said Labour cannot afford to write off their prospects of winning the 2020 election. Credit: BBC/AndrewMarrShow

"I will set out ideas for the future that don't just involve swallowing the Tory manifesto and set out a Labour vision for the future," she told BBC1's The Andrew Marr Show

The comments were quickly perceived as an attack on her leadership rival Liz Kendall but when asked if she was referring to the shadow care minister, Ms Cooper said she did not want to attack specific individuals.

The shadow home secretary also appeared to criticise another leadership candidate Andy Burnham, who said that Labour had appeared "soft" on benefits claimants.

Ms Cooper said it was wrong to "stigmatise" people who were out of work, adding that it was against Labour values.

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