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Former Sunderland Ladies boss 'proud' of England North East five

Former Sunderland Ladies boss Mick Mulhern says he's proud of the five North East girls in the England Women's squad who have made it to the Women's World Cup Semi-Finals in Canada.

The Lionesses face Japan tonight in the second Semi-Final at the Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton. Captain Steph Houghton, from Durham, Jill Scott, from Sunderland, Lucy Bronze, from Northumberland, Jordon Nobbs, from Stockton and Carly Telford, from Newcastle, could all feature.

Mulhern, who stepped down from his role as Sunderland Ladies manager in November 2014 after spending 15 years with the club, also had some advice for his former players.

Lightening strike shatters roof and windows at Gateshead school

A primary school was evacuated at 15.47pm this afternoon after a lightening strike hit its roof.

Front Street Primary School in Whickham was hit by lightening during this afternoon's earlier downpour.

There are no reported casualties at this time.

Two appliances from the Tyne and Wear fire service attended and one remains dealing with the ongoing situation.

More follows.

Fire engines and police on Prince Consort Road, Gateshead Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue service were also called to a house fire on Prince Consort in Gateshead at 16.01 pm this afternoon.

There are no reported casualties at this time but we will update you with more information when we get it.


Thunder strikes! The North East's hottest day of the year gets fed up and cools down with a downpour

Lightening over Tyneside Credit: @darrenturner66
Thunder and lightening in Durham Credit: @tynenick
View of lightening from Wallsend looking towards Newcastle Credit: Victoria Clemitson

It's been the hottest day of the year so far, and possibly the wettest.

This afternoon a storm hit the region after we've enjoyed glorious sunshine for the last couple of days.

Lightening in Bensham Credit: Calvin Lees
Lightening in Durham Credit: @bectoriax

Fear not, the sun will be back - catch Ross with the weather after 6pm tonight to find out what the next few days have in store for us. Check out this video from outside our newsroom of the rain and thunder:

Family of a North Yorkshire woman killed by her gardener in Turkey 'relieved' at life sentence

Anne Bury Credit: Family photo

A gardener who shot dead a woman from North Yorkshire at her family villa in Turkey has been jailed for life.

Anne Bury, from Swainby, was killed by Veli Acar hours after she had celebrated her 56th birthday with members of her family.

Acar also shot Anne's mother Cecilia, from Marton on Teesside - and her son Alex, leaving them badly injured.

Acar had admitted killing Anne when he appeared in court in Fethiye in September 2013. He said he had been in a relationship with her - a claim her family denied.

After sentencing, they issued this statement:

"We are relieved that the court case in Turkey has finally reached its conclusion and that justice has been done. The facts are that Anne’s murderer stole into the family villa in the middle of the night while they slept. He shot and killed defenceless Anne in cold blood and left her 87-year-old mother and 25-year-old son for dead. Although Anne was not able to give evidence and defend her reputation in person, she did leave behind irrefutable documentary evidence which showed that there was no romantic relationship between her and her killer. This evidence also showed that shortly before she was killed, Anne had discovered the dishonest and deceitful nature of her killer and that, on account of this, she intended to terminate his appointment as her property manager. We also know that Anne’s killer was aware of what she intended to do, and believe that Anne was killed in order to prevent her from doing so. We remember Anne as a caring, compassionate, considerate and trusting woman.... Although justice has been done, nothing can bring back Anne or restore the grievous mental and physical wounds inflicted by this evil man. We would like to thank the Mayor and the wonderful people of Dalyan and of Mugla (where Cecilia and Alex received medical treatment). Anne fell in love with Turkey and its people and it is such a dreadful shame that the actions of one person now blight all the happy memories we have of spending time there. We are grateful too for the love and support we continue to receive back home in the UK."

– Family statement

Solicitors Beder Law in Fethiye in Turkey told ITV News Tyne Tees Veli Acar was given a life sentence for murder.

He also received a 5-year sentence for entering Anne Bury's home without permission and with force.

A potential witness described as a 'girl in a purple dress' wanted by police in North Yorkshire

A witness described as a woman or girl in a purple dress is wanted by police in North Yorkshire after four assaults took place on Monday.

The assaults happened in and around Leyburn market place between 4pm and 10.30pm on Monday 22 June 2015.

The victims include three boys, two aged 17 and one aged 16, and an 18-year-old man, who were attacked at separate times, in separate locations. Although no serious injuries where sustained, all the victims were understandably distressed.

Police are linking all the assaults and are appealing for anyone who was in the market place in the area of the Golden Lion, the Bolton Arms, the nearby car park and Low Lane to come forward with any information.

One of the victims had his 12-week-old Border Collie puppy with him at the time of the assault and it is believed that the puppy was kicked during the incident. Police believe that a woman or girl wearing a purple dress was in the area at the time and may have witnessed this incident. Officers are specifically appealing for this woman to come forward, if this is you or you know who she is , the police would very much like you to come forward with any information.

Anyone who was in the market place and witnessed any of the incidents, or has any other information, is asked to contact North Yorkshire Police on 101, select option 2 and ask for the Investigation Hub at Northallerton or email

If you wish to remain anonymous, you can pass information to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


How to keep your pets safe during the hot weather

Owner and pet enjoy the sun in the park Credit: PA

The PDSA have issued guidance for keeping our pets comfortable during the hot weather, vet Vicki Larkham explains her top tips:

  • Never leave pets in cars, conservatories or caravans. Not even for just a few minutes. Even on a cloudy day the temperature can rise very quickly, and you may end up being away for longer than you anticipated. Heatstroke can be fatal and every year we hear sad stories of pets that have died.
  • Provide plenty of fresh, clean water. Pets need constant access to this, so check bowls or bottles at least once a day and be on hand to provide plenty of refills.
  • Exercise in the morning or evening. Just as we wouldn’t go for a walk under the midday sun with our coats on, we should keep our pets in the shade during the hottest part of the day too. Keep strenuous exercise to a minimum and give them free access to cool, indoor areas.
  • Check your rabbit for flystrike. This is a serious maggot infestation that can be fatal. During the summer rabbits should be checked underneath at least twice a day for fly eggs and dirt. Make sure to keep their underneath clean by wiping with a clean damp cloth.
  • Provide plenty of shade. Not only is this important if your pet lives outdoors in an enclosure or a hutch, indoor cages should also be kept well away from the window to avoid long periods of direct sunlight. Don’t let your pet lie in direct sunlight for too long.
  • Protect them with pet sunscreen. These are available from all good pet stores and can be used on areas of white fur or on pets with only a thin covering of hair. Protect vulnerable areas, such as the nose and, particularly for cats, the tips of the ears.
  • Enjoy a tidy BBQ. AT PDSA we’ve often had to operate to remove skewers and corn on the cobs from dog’s stomachs– so always tidy up leftovers and rubbish. Remember not to give into those puppy dog eyes and skip the scraps to avoid upsetting your pet’s stomach. Along with the food, be mindful of your drinks. Alcohol can be particularly hazardous for pets and glass bottles or cups can be easily knocked over and smashed.
  • Having your pet’s fur trimmed. This is a great way to help prevent overheating.
  • Take extra care when travelling. If you’re going away in the car, keep windows open – but not wide enough for pets to get through. Make regular water stops. Never let your dog put their head out of the car window and never leave them in a parked car.
  • Watch out for overheating. The signs of heat stroke start with excessive panting and can progress to fatal collapse. Keep a sharp eye and keep your nearest vet’s phone number handy just in case.. If your pet does get too hot, wrap them in a cool damp towel, changing it regularly with a fresh damp one.

How do you keep your pet cool in the heat? Get in touch @ITVTyneTees on Twitter or join the chat on Facebook

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