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Northumbria police staff in court for computer misuse

A police misconduct hearing will be held in due course. Credit: Northumbria Police

A Northumbria Police staff member, Paul Andre, who was employed as a crime prevention officer, has appeared in court accused of the misuse of a police computer.

Andre, 43, of South Shields, appeared at Newcastle Magistrates Court on Monday, where he pleaded guilty to two counts of computer misuse.

The force's Professional Standards Department wase notified that he had reviewed incident logs with no authorisation.

An investigation was launched and he was charged with offences in August 2016.

Today, Paul Andre was handed a 12 month conditional discharge.

A police misconduct hearing will be held at a future date.

"Mr Andre abused his position and has faced the consequences of his actions. Northumbria Police takes action against anyone who commits a criminal offence regardless of who they are and expects an incredibly high standard from all of those we recruit to this police force. I want to reassure the public that the actions of Mr Andre does not represent the thousands of Northumbria Police employees who work hard to keep you safe and provide a quality service."

– Det Supt Janice Hutton, Northumbria Police


What is emergency open-heart surgery?

The Great North Air Ambulance (library photo) Credit: The Great North Air Ambulance

A woman in her 50's has died following a crash involving a car and a coach on the A19 near Seaham in County Durham.

She passed away in hospital despite desperate attempts by Great North Air Ambulance medics, who carried out open-heart surgery at the side of the road, to save her life.

What is the procedure and how rare is it?

  • The medical name for the procedure is an emergency thoracotomy.
  • In the most basic of terms it involves opening the chest to expose the lungs and the heart to prevent the heart from 'bleeding out' in effect.
  • When the heart does this the blood builds up around the organ - pressurising it and stopping it from beating.
  • The procedure is time-critical and performed in a matter of minutes.
  • When a non-emergency thoracotomy is performed - it takes 90 minutes in a sterile operating theatre with at least five medical staff present including a surgeon and scrub nurses.

Who has performed it?

  • This procedure was first pioneered by a London Air Ambulance team who used it in an effort to save the lives of stabbing and shooting victims.
  • Their use of it at a roadside was a world first.
  • The Great North Air Ambulance has only relatively recently been able to perform this procedure in the most severe of cases.
  • It requires consultant level medical expertise and a doctor of a senior level who must be present at the scene.
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