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CLA wants government to clamp down on fly-tipping

"Fly-tipping happens all year round but it hits a peak at this time of year.

"CLA members frequently have to dispose of anything from black sacks to furniture, televisions, garden waste and piles of rubble.

"The CLA's action plan to tackle environmental crime calls for the Government to ensure local authorities can accept fly-tipped waste without charge to landowners as well as an end to the prosecution of landowners who have waste dumped on their land and have to pay to remove it."

– Dorothy Fairburn, CLA North Regional Director

CLA prepare for Easter spike in fly-tipping

Group call for new rules over fly-tipping Credit: PA

A group which represents landowners in North Yorkshire says it's preparing for a rise in cases of fly-tipping in the region over the Easter holiday.

The CLA is calling for new rules to tackle the problem, as it says too many people have to pay to get rid of rubbish dumped on their land. It's also lobbying the government for a new scheme which will allow dumped waste to be taken to the tip free of charge.



North Yorkshire estate staff clear dumped rubbish

Staff at Escrick Park Estate

Staff at a countryside estate in North Yorkshire cleared 20 bags of discarded rubbish in one morning on a stretch of road alongside their nature reserve.

The Escrick Park Estate held a 'Tidy Day' to get rid of waste fly-tipped around Skipworth Common.

A mattress was discarded in the North Yorkshire nature reserve

The CLA says fly-tipping incidents hit a peak at this time of year as it's the traditional time for DIY, gardening and spring cleaning and most recycling centres have limitations on the amount of waste that can be dumped free of charge.

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