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King's Speech to visit Newcastle on UK Tour

Jonathan Hyde (Lionel Logue) and Charles Edwards (George VI) in the stage production. Photo: Perou

Writer David Seidler originally penned _The King’s Speech _as a play before it became a screenplay and film. Telling the story of how King George VI conquered his debilitating stammer with the help of maverick speech therapist Lionel Logue, it went on to become one of 2010’s most successful films, winning countless awards including four Academy Awards© and seven BAFTAs and grossing over $400,000,000 worldwide at the Box Office.

David Seidler has now returned his attention to the original play, with Adrian Noble (Artistic Director and Chief Executive of the Royal Shakespeare Company from 1990 to 2003) in the director’s seat.

Emma Fielding (Queen Elizabeth) and Charles Edwards (George VI) Credit: Perou

A stutterer himself, British born David Seidler has won huge acclaim for his screenplay of The King’s Speech. Arriving in Hollywood aged 40 his first screenplay was Tucker: The Man and His Dream for Francis Ford Copolla in 1988. Always wanting to write about George VI, Seidler started researching in the 1970s. After finding the surviving son of Lionel Logue, Dr. Valentine Logue, now a retired brain surgeon, he wrote to him in 1981. In turn, Logue was keen to talk with Seidler and even share the notebooks his father kept while treating the King, but on the condition that he received "written permission from the Queen Mother" first. Upon writing to her, Seidler received a reply from her private secretary, asking him not to pursue the project during her lifetime. Consequently Seidler abandoned the project in 1982.

The Queen mother died in 2002, but Seidler didn't start the work until 2005, when he suffered from cancer, and returned to the story during a bout of creative work it inspired.

The King’s Speech _is presented by Playful Productions and Michael Alden Productions. It _appears at Newcastle Theatre Royal from 12 - 17 March 2012