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Mother begs PM to pull troops out of Afghanistan

Mother begs the PM to pull troops out of Afghanistan Photo:

Carla Cuthbertson, who’s son Nathan was the one hundredth soldier to be killed in Afghanistan, has written an open letter to David Cameron begging him to pull troops out of the country.

In the letter, which has been published in many newspapers, Carla wrote:

“In 2008 my eldest boy Nathan was killed in Afghanistan.

"I believed then he had died for a noble cause. Now, as I send my youngest son to war, I beg you to end this bloodshed.

“No more young men and women should die in this conflict.

“Nathan did give his life for something he believed in. But when another 100 lives had been lost, I started to question why we were sending soldiers to Afghanistan.

“Now I feel this is not a war we’re going to win and I don’t want any more families to suffer like mine.”

Nathan, 19, was killed by a Talbian suicide bomber whilst on foot patrol in Kandahar, four years ago. Carla wrote the letter after the deaths of six soldiers in Afghanistan yesterday took the total number of soldiers killed in the conflict to 404.

“The circumstances were so similar, it was just too much. Some people say we shouldn’t bring our troops home because then all those who have given their lives will have done so in vain.

“But I don’t want another parent, a wife, a child or a brother or sister to go through this torment I’m still living with four years down the line.

“I know what the families of those six soldiers will have gone through when they heard their loved ones had died.

“I know what that knock at that door is like. It’s like somebody ripping a hole in your body. It feels as though you’re being torn inside out. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

“And whenever I see that yet more people have died it brings it back even more. We need to bring the lads and lasses out of there.”

Her youngest son, Connan, 18, is also a soldier and is due on a tour of duty in Helmand Province in Afghanistan next year.

One of the six British soldiers, killed in a roadside explosion in Afghanistan, was based at Catterick Garrison. Julia Barthram reports on the loss of Sgt Nigel Coupe.