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Recycling plant continues to burn

Recycling plant on Teesside continues to burn Photo: Tyne Tees

Three people have been arrested on suspicion of starting a huge fire at a wood recyling plant in Port Clarence on Teesside on Saturday.

Fire crews have been using water fans to try to control the smoke and those living nearby are being warned to stay indoors. They say it could be another five days before it's fully extinguished. At it's peak it took ten engines and 80 fire-fighters to control the fire.

The are thousands of tonnes of burnt wood covering an area about the size of a football pitch. Fire crews say at this stage it's best to let the blaze burn itself out because under the debris is a core of red hot ash too hot for people or machinery to touch.

In the nearby town of Port Clarence people say it's the biggest blaze they've seen for some time and the effects of it are still being felt.