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Armed police at incident on Saltburn seafront

Armed police on Saltburn seafront Photo: Tyne Tees

Armed police have been called to an incident on Saltburn seafront. Cleveland Police have not yet confirmed the exact nature of the incident but have confirmed the area has been cordoned off after concern for the welfare of a woman.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing a woman sitting on a bench surrounded by armed police. Residents in Saltburn say they believe it is a woman local to the area.

A bomb disposal team have are also at the scene and a police helicopter has been scrambled. It is understood that a rucksack is being examined by bomb disposal experts and at one point the woman was face down on the ground as officers covered her with their weapons. A cordon is in place and Saltburn bank has been shut to traffic.

An eyewitness said: "She is sitting on the bench with her hands on her head. An armed policeman is pointing a gun at her. There are about four officers that I can see on the ground and they are all by the seafront."

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