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DNA profile of Sutton Bank body

Wax impression of victim Photo: North Yorkshire Police

North Yorkshire Police have revealed details about an unidentified body found on Sutton Bank in 1981.

Known as the "Sutton Bank Body" case, it was reviewed at the beginning of the year.

The woman's remains were exhumed on 24 January 2012 to enable samples to be taken in the hope of obtaining a DNA profile that could identify her.

Her body was discovered in undergrowth at the bottom of Sutton Bank, near Thirsk.

Despite an extensive 18-month investigation launched at the time the body remains unidentified.

Officers have also renewed their appeal for anyone who believes the woman may be a relative to contact the investigation team.

They have also urged the man who made the initial call to Ripon Police Station to come forward.

The DNA profile will now be checked against the people who have come forward to identify any familial link with the deceased.

– Det Supt Raw, North Yorkshire Police

The DNA profile has revealed a number of details about the woman.

  • 5ft 2in in height and aged over 35 years
  • All her upper teeth were missing, she had an upper dental plate fitted and she had just six lower teeth
  • She had short dark hair
  • The post mortem showed she had given birth to two or three children. She also had a displaced septum between her nostrils
  • Her toenails were painted pink – the varnish coming from the Max Factor Maxi range
  • She also had an abnormality to her neck vertebrae which would have caused back-ache
  • She had an old fracture to her ankle