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Residents of a hamlet in County Durham have to travel 14 miles to collect their mail

There are seven houses in the rural hamlet of Barforth and each resident must travel 14 miles - in total - to collect their own post. That's because their mail is currently kept at the nearest post office in the village of Gainford, rather than taken to their home.

Royal Mail suspended its deliveries to Barforth in 2009 after the bridge into the hamlet was closed for safety reasons. The only other route in is a 7 mile dirt track, which has recently been upgraded.

Many people in Barforth say they're tired of picking up their own post and Royal Mail should re-start the delivery service. The company says it has been waiting for the bridge to re-open but, in light of the recent improvements to the other road into the hamlet, it will now review the situation.

"It's frustrating... Potentially we could miss some very important mail."

– Martin Emerson, Barforth Resident

"We arranged for our customers in Barforth to collect their mail from Gainford as an interim solution until the bridge was repaired... We are keen to resume deliveries as soon as possible and are conducting a full review in light of the improved alternative access."

– Royal Mail