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Assault? Drugs? The drama where you choose

TryLife actors see their interactive drama played back at launch Photo: ITV Tyne Tees

As Katrina pressed the mouse button, Sophie's safety, sex life, health and wellbeing were all in her hands.

Films often drag us in. But there is no escaping responsibility in Newcastle-made TryLife: you make the decisions.

Katrina Brownless was one of the first people to give the drama-come-website-come-game a try, guiding "Sophie" through her midweek dilemmas.

Fifteen minutes later and "Sophie" was almost sexually assaulted, and was hazily trying to steady herself from narcotics - even though she turned down hard drugs.

Katrina's reaction was unequivocal: "It was quite a shock. You can always make the right decisions, but consequences can happen."

"I think sometimes people are scared to talk about these issues. But I think it's realistic and people will relate to it."

Paul Irwin, the creator, explained that the idea was to use the medium to allow young people to engage with the issues, when sometimes their families can't.

"The character is an avatar for the person, and you learn from the character."

The drama is hosted on a website, and scenes are played out, before the user has to make the decision for the character.

Not everybody will be happy with the concept: in some outcomes, characters are raped, contract sexually-transmitted diseases or end up taking drugs.

But Mr Irwin said: "TryLife is not about giving a moral message. It's just to show what the possible consequences could be."

The website is already going viral, and now Irwin and his team want to take it into schools across the North East.