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Professional footballer forced to sell at car boot

Paul Arnison, Darlington FC player, at a car boot sale in Darlington Photo: ITV Tyne Tees

While negotiations continue to save Darlington FC, a few miles away at a car boot sale in Sedgefield, the club's left back Paul Arnison showed just how desperate things have become.

The players still do not know what their future holds. Some have been paid, others have not. But none of them know if they have a future.

For Paul, who has been a professional footballer for the past 18 years, the bills need to be paid.

So he has loaded his car with things he could sell and headed for the nearest car boot sale.

He is planning a new life in Australia, but that could take months to sort out.

In the mean time he says he has to do all he can to make ends meet.

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