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Footballer's personal mission

Peter Lovenkrands Photo: ITV News

Like many Premiership stars Peter Lovenkrands admits he lives in a bit of a bubble. But when the harsh reality of life hit him and his family a few years ago it rocked them to the core.

Peter's father, Bent, lost his battle with Alzheimers.

Now the premiership star feels he can talk about what happened. In an interview with ITV he speaks openly and honestly about his feelings of guilt at not being able to help more.

Bent Lovenkrands Credit: Peter Lovenkrands

Peter is determined to raise awareness of the condition. He has set up a just giving site where people can donate. In return they stand a chance of winning some fantastic memorabilia donated by the Newcastle Star's teammates alongside his contacts in the world of entertainment.

Cisse's shirt is just one of the prizes fans who donate stand a chance of winning Credit: Peter Lovenkrands

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