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Getting more girls into science

Despite beating boys in the classroom, relatively few girls are turning their talents to science. Photo: ITV

Not enough girls want to be scientists, according to Newcastle University. In an attempt to fix that, it's been running events for schoolgirls to open their eyes to the possibilities in the profession.

The university's 'Women in Science Day' saw 200 girls from schools in North Tyneside take part in hands-on workshops and mock-experiments, designed to spark their interest.

"Science is a part of their everyday life whether they realise it or not. The message we wanted to get across today was that women are in science and that they as young women or girls can do something like this."

– Stephanie Clutterbuck, Newcastle University

Activities included lessons in mummification, a live animals exhibit featuring a python, and a trip to the moon and back in a planetarium. Pupils also explored the human brain, and how it controls co-ordination and behaviour.

All the workshops were run by female students from the university. The aim is to change the 'men in white coats' perception of science.