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Street prepares for second diamond party in 115 years

A street in Darlington is throwing its second Diamond Jubilee party - 115 years after it did it the first time round.

Marjory Brydon has a family photo which shows her grandmother and great aunt, with others, partying in the same street for Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee.

Later today she will join 270 others from the area for a celebration that includes party games, street food and even a vintage fire engine.

Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee celebrations on the same street over 100 years ago Credit: ITV

She said: "My grandmother and sister are in the picture. I don't know much about what the day was like, but our family has always said it was taken on the diamond jubilee. "The street set up a special organising committee to bring together the enormous operation. By mid-morning the pavements were cleaned, balloons up and bunting cris-crossed the sky. Alex Nicholson, the organiser, said: "It's nice because lots of people didn't know each other before. It's brought people together."

The party will certainly be well-fed: the street has cooked 30 quiches, 50 cakes and 30 meat joints.

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