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Report reveals true extent of domestic abuse in Newcastle

Domestic violence victim Photo: ITV News

It has a profound impact on individuals and families and in Newcastle the issue of domestic violence is a serious one.

A report discussed by councillors next week shows that dealing with the problem costs taxypayers around £33.6 million a year.

Every month 50 high-risk victims come to the council for help. These are both men and women.

But with national figures estimating only around 24% of cases of domestic violence are reported, the fear is that the council is only dealing with the tip of the iceberg.

"Tom" is 38 and suffered at the hands of an abusive partner. He's been asked to address a special Cabinet meeting to share his experiences and encourage others in his position to come forward.

Watch the full report here:

  • Domestic Violence costs Newcastle City Council £33.6m a year
  • Nationally only 24% of incidents of domestic violence are reported
  • In Newcastle 83% of domestic violence victims are women
  • 52% are victims of crimes committed by a partner or former partner
  • The majority of offenders are male aged 20-24