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Ex Northumbria Police officer reveals 'serious' breach in Olympic security

Ian Glendinning with his security pass Photo: ITV News

Ian Glendinning served with Northumbria police for 32 years, worked on security at Newcastle Airport and has served as a bodyguard for members of the Royal Family. He was originally told he'd been given a job as a group leader during the games.

But when G4S discovered he didn't live in London they told him they wouldn't cover his travel and accomodation expenses for final training in the capital, instructed him not to bother coming and withdrew the job offer.

However the following day Ian, who is an assistant manager at Clennell Hall Hotel, in Northumberland, was staggered to receive an email from G4S telling him to go to St James' Park, to collect his accreditation.

Despite having no job offer and not completing the training, Ian tested the system and the following day went to the stadium and picked up his pass.

Access all areas Credit: ITV News

The degree of incompetence shown in this whole set up is such that it couldn't possibly have been done by accident they must have worked really hard to achieve this degree of incompetence.

– Ian Glendinning
Trying to get answers Credit: ITV News

The company says it is investigating the claims and admitted there had been "some issues relating to workforce supply and scheduling".

All of this comes as G4S faces pressure over its failure to recruit enough staff in time for the games. The Army is now being drafted in to help cover the shortfall.

A Tyne Tees Investigation earlier this year revealed how staff working at the company's security vetting offices on Teesside claimed corners were being cut as they were under so much pressure to process applications. And yesterday the whistleblower who spoke out told us she felt vindicated.

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