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Two North East hopefuls left in the Superstar running

Ben Forster from Sunderland Photo: ITV

Two North East singers are still in the running for the role of Jesus in the ITV1 series, Superstar.

Ben Forster, 31, from Sunderland, and Jon Moses, 28, a cabaret singer from Newcastle, are the two representing the region.

Ben, who went to Thornhill School in Sunderland, told ITV News he was shocked to be in the final 11 and now it is even better.

He said: "I think if I left I would leave with me head held high.

"The judges have given me amazing comments. I don't think I've had a negative one. I've tried my best, I've done well but people have got to keep voting.

"I think I could definitely play Jesus. I feel ready to play him and want to play the part. So please vote for me, the only

"Anyone from the North East should be voting for me!

And Jon Moses, who is from Haswell, County Durham, said: "It's a role I'm going for and this if for the public. I just want to do a good job.

"I'm from Haswell. It's tiny; not many people live there. But the people are fantastic.

" I miss the people and the friendliness. I go back after four months away and it's as if 've been away a couple of days.

" I think my mam and dad had that in mind when I was born. My name - I think it was there masterplan."