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Toddler hears for the first time after his pioneering operation

Finn Johnson has returned to his home in Stockton after having pioneering surgery making him the youngest person in the UK to have special hearing implants.

The one-year-old received the ABI device after the public raised money for the surgery in Italy, where a team of doctors carried out the operation.

Finn was born profoundly deaf as he doesn't have a nerve which takes sound to the brain, and doctors said his case was the most complex they had ever seen. Once they turned on the implants he had his first experience of hearing sound.

"It really is a miracle."

– Natalie Nixon, Finn's mother

Mum Natalie said: "They banged a drum behind him while they were playing with him and his little head just shot round to face the drum. And at that point everybody was clapping and smiling.

"It's just phenomenal. There's no words that can describe it, it is a miracle at the end of the day. Our little boy could not hear a single sound and now he is responding daily to different sounds and that's something we never thought would happen for him. It really is a miracle.

"Finn will always be part of the deaf community but this device has given him access to a different world."

But the family still need to raise more funds. So far they have only half of the £40,000 needed, with doctors in Italy giving the family two years to pay Finn's medical bill. Fundraising events will be held over the summer and you can find out more information at the website