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The Futureheads play Durham Cathedral

The Futureheads Photo: ITV

The Futureheads, from Sunderland, were in Durham on August 25 to perform a one-off a cappella set at the Cathedral. The gig was sold out and an audience of over 800 had the chance to see the band stripped of bass and electric guitars.

Performing at Durham Cathedral Credit: ITV

When our crew arrived for sound check the band were not hidden away in a dressing room, the were looking around the cathedral and speaking to fans when the doors opened. The took photos of their support acts and showed friends to their seats.

Jaff and Ross speak to ITV Tyne Tees Credit: ITV

The foursome have shown their talent in their five albums, but the most striking quality in the group is their humour. They joked with each other during rehearsals and teased each other during the interview. There is a reason they have a reputation for being four of the nicest people in the business.

Barrie, Ross, Jaff and Dave have been touring to promote their album 'Rant' which is an a cappella album unlike their previous material. Rant is vocal focussed and the band members say the tour has been a 'great opportunity to give audiences something new.'

Barrie and Ross on stage Credit: ITV

The show was part of the Durham Streets Summer Festival. The band said it was important to them to support events in the region and that playing at the iconic venue was an 'absolute privilege'.

Dave sings a cappella Credit: ITV

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