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North East Paralympic torchbearers

The Paralympic flame was carried across London in a 24 hour relay before the opening ceremony of the Games. Torchbearers carried the flame, in groups of five, from Stoke Mandeville to the Olympic Stadium in East London.

The journey was about 92 miles long with 580 torch bearers in total. Each torchbearer was nominated by friends or family.

  • Carl Richardson, North Shields**Carl represented Team GB in disabled volleyball during the Atlanta Olympics, later developing his sporting career in amputee football. He has competed in numerous World Championships and was nominated by his employer P&G, sponsors of Olympics and Paralympics, for his growing involvement in Disability Sport.
  • Helen George, Seaton Deleval**Archery expert, Helen, was nominated based on her support of the GB Paralympic archery team. Her work has involved coaching Paralympic competitor, Kate Murray, and she is currently developing new archers in readiness for Rio 2016. Helen also works as a team leader and runs courses for soldiers coming back from Afghanistan.
  • Jane Atkinson, Newcastle**Aged one, Jane received amputations to her feet after being advised against a childhood of operations by Great Ormond Street Hospital. Jane is now a full time doctor and was nominated by her brother. She is currently volunteering at the Paralympics as a crowd medic.
  • Joshua Cockroft, Sunderland**Joshua and his family have helped Team GB wheelchair racer, Hannah Cockroft, break fifteen world records and become double world champion.
  • Richard Clarke, Middlesbrough**In 2006, Richard and his wife sadly lost their ten-year-old daughter Abbie to SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death In Epilepsy). Since then charity, Abbie’s Love, was created to help raise awareness for SUDEP. So far the charity has raised £185,000 and has spent the money on research, equipment and bed alarms for local children who suffer from epilepsy. Richard was nominated by 33 families.
  • Manindra Rai, North Yorkshire**Originally from Nepal, Manindra moved to the UK in 2004 and is currently serving in the British Army. In 2010 Manindra was deployed to Afghanistan where he was shot. Manindra then joined charity organisation, Walking Wounded, created to help re-train and educate wounded soldiers.
  • Claire Prospert, Newcastle**Claire works at Newcastle City Council where she set up the Bicycle Users Group in an attempt to promote greener transport. Aiming to create better cycling facilities, Claire has launched the Newcastle Campaign 2012 and hopes to improve the safety on streets making cycling a viable option for everyone.

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