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Northumberland school faces closure

School closure threat Photo: ITV News

Parents of children at a Northumberland school have vowed to do everything they can to stop it being closed down.

The results of the latest Ofsted inspection carried out at Allendale Middle School are due to be published in the next few days and early indications are it will be classed as failing its students.

Under new guidelines brought in by the Department for Education, this leaves the council with two options, to change the school into an Academy or close it down.

Allendale Middle School faces an uncertain future Credit: ITV News

The proposed closure would see children from the Allen Valley sent two years early, at the age of 11, to Haydon Bridge where the high school would be rebranded as a secondary school.

But Northumberland County Council says it plans to do all it can to stop that happening. It is writing to the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, urging him to make an exception.

I think sometimes people don't grasp the problems of rural schools and that's why we are asking the Secretary of State to make an exception in this case because of the peculiar circumstances but that's why we have to have a back-up plan

– Jeff Reid, Leader Northumberland County Council

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