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Murdered teenager laid to rest ten years on

Rachel Wilson who went missing ten years ago Photo:

A woman whose daughter went missing ten years ago says she is relieved that her funeral can finally been held.

Tina Wilson's daughter Rachel was 19 when she vanished from her home on Teesside in 2002. She was laid to rest this morning at Teesside Crematorium's Chapel of St Bede's.

Land near Middlesbrough where Rachel's remains were discovered Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Tina never gave up hope that her daughter would be found alive. But all the time the 19 year old's body lay on a lonely stretch of land near Newham Hall Farm in Coulby Newham, just a few miles from her mother's home.

Appeals were made by Rachel's mother Tina earlier this year Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Speaking at the time when Rachels' remains were discovered her mother said: "For the last ten years we've been hoping that she'd just come in the house. And then on Friday we found out that she wouldn't come.

"All I'm asking for is somebody who knows to come forward and let us know. And let us find out really what happened to Rachel"

Rachel's drug habit led to her working as a prostitute

Rachel was a heroin addict working as a prostitute to fund a habit she found impossible to break. Her remains were found by workers repairing a drain in a shallow ditch that was covered by a decade of undergrowth.

Detective Superintendant Peter McPhillips of Cleveland Police said: "There doesn't appear to have been an effort to bury the body and that's why we're dealing with it as a murder enquiry"

CCTV taken in May in 2002 shows Rachel's last known sighting

CCTV footage captured the last time Rachel was seen alive, walking on Southfield Road in Middlesbrough in 2002.

At the time, Detectives were investigating two similar cases.

21-year-old Vicky Glass also worked as a prostitute to fund her drug habit. Her body was found naked on moorland near Danby. Her killer was never caught.

17-year-old Donna Keogh vanished in 1998. She remains a missing person.

Police say they're open minded, but they have not discovered any formal link between the three cases.

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