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Professor Peter Higgs honoured by Durham University

Durham University has honoured one of the world's top scientists. Professor Peter Higgs is the physicist whose theories led to one of the most important discoveries in science - the Higgs Boson - earlier this year.

Professor Higgs was born in Newcastle and is rapidly becoming a house hold name.

His theories in particles physics, which he came up with over 40 years ago, have led to the recent discovery of a new particle believed to be the Higgs Boson.

Also known as the God Particle because it's thought it has special properties which make life, the universe and everything possible.

Large Hadron Collider at CERN Credit: CERN

He was the special guest at Durham University which is celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Ogden Centre, which has played a large part in the search of the Higgs.

The Large Hadrone Collider at Cern in Switzerland was built specially to look for it, making it one of the most expensive scientific instruments ever built.

Last year our reporter Richard Wilson visited the Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics, watch his news report below...