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Fireman Sam helps 6-year-old save pregnant mum

Quick thinking: Liam Robinson remembered the advice of Fireman Sam and dialled 999 to help save his mum Photo: ITV News

Six year old Liam Robinson helped save his mum by remembering the advice of his favourite children's TV character Fireman Sam.

Liam knows every word to the Fireman Sam song 'Get Out, Stay Out, Dial 999', which he plays over and over again on his favourite DVD.

So when his mum Rebecca, who is seven months pregnant, collapsed in their living room the youngster knew just what to do

Liam and mum Rebecca Credit: ITV News

He ran into the dining room, picked up the phone and dialled 999 telling the operator where he lived and staying on the line while the emergency services arrived.

His mum says without his quick thinking she doesn't know what would have happened.

Now Liam is to get a certificate from the North East Ambulance Service