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Newburn flats: developer's statement

Spencer Court is likely to be demolished after floods Photo: Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue

The developer of a block of flats which is likely to need demolishing after the floods says what happened is: "not our responsibility".

Dunelm Homes is offering legal and insurance advice to families affected at Spencer Court in Newburn and nearby homes in Mill Vale.

The building is on the verge of collapse after a culvert diverting water beneath it gave way.

“We are extremely sorry for all of the families affected by these events. Despite implications to the contrary by others Dunelm Homes has been providing much practical support throughout this week to both residents and other parties involved through its team on site.

“This support has included supplying technical information to agencies employed by Northumberland Estates.

“The fact remains – as per our statement released on Tuesday 25th May - the events leading up to this situation were and are out with our control and not our responsibility.

“We have acted with the thoroughness and rigour with which we conduct our business and the care with which we work with our customers.

“We have compiled an exhaustive timeline detailing all significant events and critical documentation relating to the entire site and its curtilage.

“We are writing to all homeowners in Millvale and Spencer Court with full details of this statement. In addition we will be making them an offer of legal and insurance advice at our expense.

“We plan to hold meetings with all those who choose to take up this offer on an individual basis in order to deal with each household’s particular personal circumstances as soon as is practical and at their convenience. We are already putting these arrangements in place.”

– Dunelm Homes

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