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Redcar woman in court on Bali drugs charges

Lindsay Sandiford covered her head to avoid the cameras outside court. Photo: ITV News

A woman from Redcar has been formally indicted in an Indonesian court on multiple drugs charges, for which she could face the death penalty.

Lindsay Sandiford, 56, was arrested in May upon arrival at Bali's Denpasar airport. Customs officials found 4.79 kg of cocaine in the lining of her suitcase.

"The defendant acted against Indonesian law in smuggling illegal drugs classified under category one into the country.

"This offence carries a maximum penalty of death."

– Lie Putra Setiawan, prosecutor
Mrs Sandiford was arrested in May after customs officials found nearly 5kg of cocaine in her suitcase. Credit: AP

She appeared in court with a translator, and covered her head with a scarf to keep it hidden from cameras. She told judges the charges against her are "not accurate".

She said she had been given no access to a lawyer in prison, and appeared without one. Judges denied her more time to find one, but said the court would appoint one for her next session next week, when she will enter a plea.

Mrs Sandiford told judges the charges against her were "not accurate." Credit: ITV News

Three Britons and one Indian national connected to Mrs Sandiford were also arrested in a sting in May. The trial of one of them, Julian Ponder, began immediately after Mrs Sandiford's appearance.

The drugs found in her suitcase had an estimated street value of around £1.6 million.

Lindsay Sandiford could face the death penalty if convicted of drug smuggling. Credit: ITV News