1. ITV Report

Giant ship dominates North East coast

A giant ship has been dominating the North East coast as it made it's way between the Tees, the Tyne and Wear over the last few days. The MPI Adventure is now moored up in Sunderland.

It's the world's largest wind turbine installation vessel, designed to transport, lift and install the turbines and their foundations. It is 138.5m long, its six legs, seen here sticking up into the air, can be lowered to the seabed below. The 104m main crane can lift up to 1000 tonnes.

The vessel is on it's way to the site of a research platform being built three nautical miles of the coast of Blyth in Northumberland. The platform, which is being built by the National Renewable Energy Centre, will measure wind and environmental conditions and collect marine life data to help develop the next generation of wind turbines.

The crane stands 104 m high and can lift 1000 tonnes Credit: ITV