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Anger as energy prices rise

Cost of energy bills set to rise Photo: ITV News

There are warnings that people will die as they make the stark choice to either heat or eat. Organisations set-up to help people struggling to pay the bills say that the news two of the country's major energy providers have announced major price rises does not bode well.

First British Gas announced that bills would rise by six per cent from next month. That was followed NPower which revealed its gas prices are set to rise by 8 per cent and electricity by 9 per cent.

It's left many people worried about how they will pay the bills.

Older people say the choice they have is to heat or eat Credit: ITV News

Cumbria Community Foundation uses donations to help older people who struggle to make ends meet. Last year its Winter Warmth Fund helped more than five hundred people. It's expecting that number to rise over the coming months.

Grants are available to help people insulate their homes Credit: ITV News

But there are ways people can help reduce the bills. A number of insulation grants are still available.

KNW is a firm on Tyneside that has been insulating homes for more than 30 years and says it has never been busier.

You can save up to four hundred pound a year by insulating your property. one hundred and fifty for loft, two hundred and fifty for cavity. It is without doubt the best saving you can possibly, possibly make.

– Ken MiddleMass, Chairman KNW