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Protest against Sedgefield wind farms

Protestors in Mordon Photo: ITV

Anti-wind farm campaigners in County Durham have presented a petition to MEP Stephen Hughes. They want the European Parliament to change renewable energy targets. Campaigners argue that targets should be regional and not national.

Stephen Hughes speaks to protestors Credit: ITV

Members of The Isles Community Turbine Action Campaign, or 'TIC TAC' are against a 24-turbine wind development, close to Newton Aycliffe. The group says it is not a case of 'not in my back year' but that the area has done enough to support renewable energy.

"County Durham has been particularly hard hit. We are currently producing 50% more renewable energy per square mile than any other county in England."

– Susan Fox, campaigner

The group gathered on the village green in Mordon to hand the petition over to Stephen Hughes MEP.

"We have already reached European targets in the county for our renewable energy and the production of renewable energy so enough is enough, so let other counties and other regions take part of the burden as well."

– Stephen Hughes MEP