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North Yorkshire vicar handing out ten pound notes to encourage goodwill

A generous North Yorkshire vicar has been handing out ten pound notes to his congregation to encourage goodwill.

Reverend Paul Peverell gave ten pounds to each parishioner who attended his Harvest Festival at Christ Church, in Great Ayton on Sunday. The vicar hopes people use the money for good deeds.

He said: "Today is all about passing on a blessing to other people. Harvest is a time when we're thankful for what we've got, and we try to share it with others.

"This year we're trying to make it more personal, and local by giving the money to the congregation to actually go out and do something personally with it themselves."

Christ Church in Great Ayton, North Yorkshire Credit: ITV

Rev Peverell said the idea came from the community spirit he saw during the Queen's Jubilee and the Olympics this summer. He said: We've had a wonderful summertime with the Jubilee, the Olympics, and the Paralympics.

"We want to keep that ball rolling really, and the ripple affect going throughout our community here and throughout the wider area."

"We just want to get people relating with one another, and actually doing good things, and enjoying the joy of doing good things for one another."

Reverend Peverell handing out ten pound notes to his congregation Credit: ITV

In total, Rev Peverell said he expected to give away around £1,500 at his four services. All the money has come from church accounts.

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