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North East Field of Remembrance for fallen soldiers

Thousands of wooden crosses have been planted as part of the British Legion's first ever Field of Remembrance in the North - to remember fallen service men and women who have died whilst on active service.

Family, friends and soldiers left personal messages on the crosses in Saltwell Park in Gateshead, to honour all those who have been killed.

For the soldiers who are still serving, the planting of this poppy field is a welcome gesture, as it makes them feel that the local community also remembers those who have died on duty.

Lieutenant Colonel Dave Garner says that through gestures like this one, the armed forces feel that they are appreciated by people outside of the service community.

Each of the crosses planted at Saltwell Park bears a message - some thanking the soldiers for what they have done, others remembering a particular individual who lost their life.

The family of one soldier, Rifleman Mark Turner, killed in 2010 and described as "the beating heart of the platoon" - are grateful that there is now somewhere else to visit to remember their loved ones.

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