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Sea Cadets mark Battle of Trafalgar anniversary

Teesside Sea Cadets. Photo: ITV

Hundreds of Sea Cadets from across Teesside have been marking the 207th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar.

They marched through Middlesbrough today, October 28, to commemorate one of Britain's most important battles.

Cadets at the Cenotaph, Middlesbrough. Credit: ITV

This is the first time the anniversary has been marked on Teesside in more than two years.

But it has now been brought back into the calendar as an important day in the run up to Remembrance Sunday.

The cadets have been remembering Lord Nelson and the 458 who lost their lives at sea while defeating the French.

"A lot of people will have been to London and seen Trafalgar Square and seen the column of Nelson and not really seen any significance to it. We hope by celebrating things like today people will realise the significance of that."

– Ron Lowes, Vice-chair Middlebrough Council

"Remembrance is through every town in the country and we thought on Teesside it is really good to bring Trafalgar back to people's forefronts of their minds because it is really important to us as a nation."

– Lt Cmdr Mick Williams, District Commander, Sea Cadets