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Ground-breaking cancer technology developed in the North East

Scientists based at Newcastle University are developing new technology, which they say will revolutionise the detection of cancer.

They have built a machine which can identify cancerous cells in less than twenty minutes - cutting down waiting times for people concerned that they might have cancer.

Jonathan O'Halloran, from QuantuMDx - the company who built the new machine, says that every minute counts for people worried about their test results.

The new technology could mean that instead of samples being sent to a lab for analysis - a process that can take weeks - patients would find out if they had cancer during one visit to their GP.

The machine works by extracting and purifying the DNA in a sample put into the machine.

The strands of DNA are then run over tiny nano-wires which catch and detect cancerous cells.

It's not just about detecting cancer though, as experts believe that through using technology like this machine, they will be able to better understand how cancer works and so how it can be tackled.

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