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Fresh hope for arctic convoy recognition

John Ramsey from Redcar was among thousands who sailed in the Arctic Convoys delivering supplies to Russia during the Second World War.

Many lost their lives braving horrendous conditions in what Sir Winston Churchill called "the worst journey on earth."

The veterans have been told by the Foreign Office they can't be awarded the prestigious Ushakov Medal for valour saying it would break rules surrounding the acceptance of medals.

They are still campaigning for a specific British medal in recognition of their work.

Now, their case has been raised in Parliament.

Redcar's Liberal Democrat MP, Ian Swales, questioned the Prime Minister.

Mr Ramsey, who was a gunner on HMS Rodney, claims the government have declined Russian requests to present the medal for political reasons.

The Foreign Office says the rules on acceptance of foreign awards state that there has to have been specific service to the country concerned and that that service should have taken place within the previous five years.

Redcar's MP, Ian Swales, is now more hopeful the veterans will get more of the recognition many believe they deserve.