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Former police chief's credit card investigation

Sean Price denies all the allegations made against him. Photo: ITV

More details have been released about the alleged misconduct of Sean Price, who was sacked last month as chief constable of Cleveland Police.

The allegations focus on irregularities with his corporate credit card, concerns over his expenses, claims that he obstructed an investigation and failed to follow procedures.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission investigated 18 allegations of misconduct by Mr Price. He would have faced 11 of them at a hearing this month, but was sacked over a separate matter last month.

He was found guilty of lying about claims he tried to secure a job for the daughter of his boss, the former chairman of Cleveland Police Authority, Dave McLuckie.

"I made a commitment that the Authority would release as much information as is legally possible about other allegations that Mr Price faced.

“After careful consideration and consultation, the Authority has released

further details about those allegations.

“The public of Cleveland has a right to know what was being investigated and

the complexity around it."

– Stuart Drummond, Chairman, Cleveland Police Authority

The allegations Mr Price would have faced concern:

  • The need for trips abroad and his expenses claims
  • Buying alcohol on a company credit card and failing to submit itemised receipts
  • Obstructing a criminal investigation
  • Failing to disclose a personal interest after providing a reference to a woman he was in a relationship with
  • Providing false information to the media about his personal circumstances
  • Failing to follow internal procedures

Sean Price is also being investigated by Operation Sacristy, a criminal inquiry into alleged corruption. In August 2011 he was arrested and bailed.

A further seven misconduct allegations were not considered because they might interfere with the criminal investigation. They concern:

  • The awarding of a police property maintenance contract
  • Lax or avoidance of vetting procedures
  • Inappropriate hospitality
  • Interference in an investigation
  • Excessive costs when purchasing a company car
  • Excessive personal rewards and remuneration

Sean Price said he continues to deny all the allegations that have been made against him, and that he has given full explanations in every case. He also said he was considering his legal options following his sacking, as he also denies that he was guilty in that case.